A singer-songwriter living between France and Japan for three decades, Sublime has long sung the standards of French song.

Since the 1980s, she has collaborated with many Japanese musicians, including Coba and Jun Miyake. With them, she built a repertoire of original songs that she sings in Japan, Korea and China.

From his collaboration with Jun Miyake, the album “Ludic” will be released in 2010 in Japan and in Europe. She also writes and creates a children’s show “Tuguri, the dragon who had lost its fire”, which she performs in French and Japanese. In the early 2000s, she met the artist Keeda Oikawa with whom she would participate for ten years in several “Live Paintings”.

In Paris at the end of September 2014, invited to participate in the Tokyo-Paris Night by RKK at the venue CENTQUATRE, she opened a new chapter, borrowing from Fauré, Ravel, and other geniuses of French music, the musical medium to a new poetic vagabondage. to be continued …